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SATURDAY 04 JUNE, 2016 | RSS Feed

The new blanket of bamboo viscose

Double sided blanket ladybugs.

THURSDAY 02 JUNE, 2016 | RSS Feed

Double sided changing pad

The new double-sided terry changing pad.


MONDAY 30 MAY, 2016 | RSS Feed

Corporate holiday

Corporate holiday 06/10/2016 - 06/30/2016.

THURSDAY 26 MAY, 2016 | RSS Feed

Ponchos from organic cotton

New ponchos from organic cotton.

FRIDAY 13 MAY, 2016 | RSS Feed

Summer Blanket Sea World

Cotton blanket with a blue print of the sea world.

THURSDAY 12 MAY, 2016 | RSS Feed

New bio bib

Beige bib made from organic cotton.



FRIDAY 06 MAY, 2016 | RSS Feed

New Wrap blanket to the car seat

Grey-blue Wrap blanket into a car seat.

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