Bio cover for Römer King II red giraffes
Bio cover for Römer King II red giraffes
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Bio cover for Römer King II aqua giraffes
Bio cover for Römer King II aqua giraffes
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35.76EUR ex TAX
Bio cover for Römer King II black
Bio cover for Römer King II black
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35.76EUR ex TAX

Double-sided stroller pad merino wool and organic cotton

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Size approx.:
36 x 80 cm / 14 x 32 inch
Face, lining:
merino wool, organic cotton
hand wash
Made in:
the Czech Republic
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Kaarsgaren - Baby blankets

Merino stroller pad

Winter insert for the stroller with holes for stretching the seat belts, size approx. 36 x 80 cm. The insert is double-sided. On the one side is 100% merino wool woven in cotton, it is not fur, but only merino wool. We only shear the sheep and continue working with the sheared wool. The other side is made of 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is in the flannel finish, which is soft and warm to the touch and is GOTS certified. Merino wool naturally leaves hairs, it is not a defect of the material, but its property. It is a natural material that contains Lanolin and is smelled of sheep, so it is not suitable for those who do not like the smell of sheep. Soft pads are generally not recommended as sleeping pads for children under 12 months of age, if the child is lying on his belly, there is a risk of suffocation. We recommend the baby lying on organic cotton while using the heat of merino wool. The insert in the pram can only be washed by hand in wool products. Do not use fabric softener, it will destroy the wool. Do not tumble dry. We produce in the Czech Republic.


Merino wool is considered one of the best and finest wool at all. It has excellent thermoregulation properties, provides warmth but it does not work excessive sweating. It is silky soft to the touch. "It will not bite" is therefore suitable for direct contact with the soft baby skin. Merino wool absorbs water up to 1/3 of its weight, but unlike cotton is warm even when is wet. It is naturally antibacterial it contains lanolin, which has antibacterial properties. It is a natural material, which is fully biodegradable. It has great self-cleaning ability, so there is no need frequent washing. If necessary, we recommend hand washed.

!!!!!Hand wash in cold water!!!!!
!!!!!Do not use fabric softener!!!!!!
!!!!!Can not be tumble dried laundry!!!!!!

Product description - merino insert for pram

  • Warm stroller insert for cold days.
  • It is double-sided - merino wool on one side and bio-cotton on the other.
  • The insert fits in 99% of strollers.
  • Size approx 36 x 80 cm.
  • Hand wash in wool products.
  • We produce in the Czech Republic.
  • Kaarsgaren quality guarantee.

Children's blankets - Double-sided stroller pad merino wool and organic cotton from Kaarsgaren s.r.o.

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Size: 36 x 80 cm,

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